Animation Plugin

for use with

PD Pro 3.x and above


Transitions are an effect generally used by movie makers to switch from one scene to another without just jumping to the next scene. However, with some creativity and ingenuity, a transition effect can be used to achive other special effects such as teleporting.

Alpha Masking FX

· Alpha Fades
· Alpha Mask Filter
· Animated Alpha Mask filter
· Alpha Slides
· Alpha Wipes

Alpha Masking is a technique used to blend/merge/mix images and animations. One such use to to overlay an animation of a character over a different background. Another effect that can be achived is to make a character appear ghostly in a scene.


· GreyOut
· Channel Threshold
· Nightvision
· Sketch (Hard Line)
· Cell Shaded Sketch NEW!
· Graphic Novel Sketch NEW!
· Sketch (Soft Line)
· Toonify

DoggyFx offers a variety of special filters. One such filter is the 'Toonify' filter. This filter gives photographs/live action video the appearance of being rotoscoped without having to painstakingly sketch over the photo or individual video frames. Other filters include the nightvision filter which gives the appearance of looking through nightvision goggles as well as the new Channel Threshold filter that can create a variety of effects.

Custom FX NEW!




Beginning with version 1.29, DoggyFX now gives you the ability to create your own animated "Custom FX" that can be saved and reused. These can be used for compositing and even creating your own transitions. Click Here for an Example of a transition made with the new CFX system.

Example CFX Files: Example Set 1, Example Set 2


Other FX

· Animated Threshold Filter
· Flicker
· Focus
· Ping Pong Animation
· Vertical Hold
· White Noise (TV Snow)
The OtherFX section offers a group of miscellaneous animated effects such as the white noise filter which can give the effect of transmission static or a completely lost transmission signal.


· Animation To Sprite Sheet
· Attach Animations
· Combine Animations
· Composite Animations
· Export Animation to MNG
· Export to Animated Gif
· Import Animated Gif
DoggyFx comes with several powerful utilites to help out any aspiring artist. Many of which can export to useful formats such as Animated Gifs and sprite sheets.


Download DoggyFX 1.29

Animated Mask Examples (320X200 resolution)

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