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PJW Productions announces DoggyFX video effects for PD Pro

Las Vegas, NV, October 28 2006

PJW Productions has announced the release of DoggyFX 1.0, a collection
of fades, transitions, masking effects, utilities and miscellaneous special FX
for video work under Project Dogwaffle Professional (PD Pro) versions 3 and 4.

DoggyFX comes with variety of tools, filters, and special effects. One such category
is transitions. DoggyFX offers 13 customizable transitions to get you from one scene
to the next. Some of the transitions such as fades can have destinations other than
other scenes. One example is the user can fade in filter effects such as greyscale,
negative, blur, white noise (tv snow), and even fade to individual RGB color channels.

Transitions included:
· Block Out
· Boxes (Open / Close)
· Crosses (Open / Close)
· Doors (Open / Close, Horizontal / Vertical)
· Fades
· Push Stripes (Horizontal / Vertical)
· Pushes (To / From in any of 4 directions)
· Rows/Columns (Open / Close)
· Slide Stripes (Horizontal / Vertical)
· Slides (To / From in any of 4 directions)
· Stripes/Weaves (Completely sizable unlike many competing products)
· Threshold Mask (Use an alpha mask combined with a progressive threshold filter
   to create your own transitions)
· Wipes (To / From in any of 4 directions)

DoggyFX's custom designed filters can be tweaked and applied to single frames or
multiple frames with a click of a button.

Filters included:
· Nightvision (Simulates looking through nightvision goggles)
· Sketch Filter (Hard Line)
· Sketch Filter (Soft Line)
· Toonify Filter

DoggyFX gives you several very powerful Alpha Masking / Compositing tools.

Alpha Masking tools included:
· Alpha Mask Filter (use an Alpha Mask to vary the effects of a filter effect pixel by pixel)
· Alpha Slides (Create custom slides using an Alpha Mask)
· Alpha Wipes (Create custom wipes using an Alpha Mask)
· Alpha Fades (Create custom fades using an Alpha Mask)
· Animated Alpha Mask Filter (Use an Animated Alpha Mask to create a moving filter
  effect on the screen)
· Animation Compositing (Layer multiple animations together to create some truly amazing
   effects. Use Alpha Masks (static or animated) to create custom effects)

DoggyFX includes several powerful utilities to help Dogwaffle users build complex animations
and create their own custom special effects.

Utilities Included:
· Animation To Sprite Sheet (Get tool for converting that animation you made into a sprite sheet
  for use in development tools such as Gamemaker)
· Attach To Stored Animation (The animation stitching tool. allows you to connect animations to
  each other to make things such as animated comic strips)
· Combine With Stored Animation (Have several animations that you would like to combine into
  one big animation? Then this is the tool for you!)
· Import / Export animated Gifs into PD Pro. (export with optional transparency)
· Export to MNG files
· Export to Transparent PNG using an Alpha Mask or transparent color.

Other FX Included:
· Animated Threshold (A progressive Threshold Filter is applied to the animation. Great for
  making Animated Alpha Masks and custom transitions)
· Focus (Focus In/Out of an animation)
· Ping Pong Animation (Append a reversed version of the current animation to the end which
  gives a time stopping and reversing effect)
· Vertical Hold (Simulates a rolling vertical hold on a television)
· White Noise (TV Snow) (Simulated Television signal intereference / loss of signal)


*** Availability & Pricing

Pricing for DoggyFX is set at $49. Introductory pricing at $39 is
available through November 15. A 'scary low' additional discount is
being offered to orders placed on or before Halloween, October 31,
making it only $35

For details visit

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